Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Another Moving Day

 It seems like The Mister and I are always helping Daughter move.

 I spent about 5 hours camped out on the floor of her new digs with Pup, Old Doggie and her two kitties while her hubby and The Mister loaded up the truck at the apartment they have been living in for the past year.

 I brought plenty to do but it was still a long haul.

 I'm not kidding when I say I took a nap on the dog beds. There was no furniture yet. I was wishing I had brought a radio or something. I'm not used to that much quiet.

 Empty houses are nice. Think about what you could with all that room. I'm sure she's filled it up by now. She likes to decorate rooms. Me not so much.

 I did have to bubble wrap the woodwork while they were gone. It took all of ten minutes.

 Daughter and Hubby bought a townhouse in a new development.  Right out her front door is a playground. The Grands will like that when they visit.

 There's plenty of places to walk the dogs but the cats were not too impressed with this.

It was one of the few nice days we have had in forever so it wasn't too terrible to just lie on the floor and pass the time staring out the sliding glass doors at the blue sky. Watching clouds is fun.

Thanks to everyone who signed up for this month's giveaway. I'll be sending several boxes out this week so start watching your mailbox!


  1. We did that hobby for several years...glad you survived it and even got some quiet for a change! Nice knitting going on , too!

  2. The house and surroundings look lovely! And in my experience, cats are seldom impressed. ;-)

    Looks like you have some really pretty projects going on there. Can't wait to see/hear more about them.

  3. That's exciting! The new place looks really nice! It'd always fun to decorate new digs.

  4. At least you had your knitting to pass the time! I hate moving!

  5. Oh Dear, you slept on the dog bed. You were tired! I do believe one can sleep anywhere if tired enough. You are nice to assist with all the moves

  6. Moving is hard work -- which is why I'm making so little progress. How nice of your husband to help your daughter move. Are we ever old enough to get out of that job?

  7. Looks like a beautiful new place. Love the expression on kitty's face. LOL He (she?) looks less than impressed.

  8. Oh I do like all of your projects. We have only moved three times in 38 years and I don't plan to do it again until the last one, (hopefully). I would like a smaller place now that the kids are grown and gone. The townhouse looks like a really nice place. Kids would love that playground. I'm so glad I found you through Meredith. Thanks for visiting me too and friending me on Ravelry. :-)

  9. Kids keep us busy, one way or another, don't they. Looks like you have some pretty projects in the works!