Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

 A few weeks ago kathyb asked how long our hair ever was on her Monday Meme.

 This long. I grew it all year for my green witch get up and I couldn't wait to cut it off once it was over.

 Well, it's over so after I washed all the gray hair spray out of it I took out the scissors and....

Nope, I couldn't do it. Not yet. Maybe after the MDSW. Maybe. You see, I've become attached.

Only once in my life have a had such ridiculously long hair. In 1968 I took my equally lengthy tresses to the beauty shop to get the popular shag cut right before I saw Zefferelli's Romeo and Juliet. BIG mistake. After seeing Olivia Hussey's gorgeous hair, I cried over my horrid shag for weeks months.

I was supposed to look like this.....

...but after a miscommunication with the stylist, I ended up looking like this. It looked great on Mia but on me-not so much.

So even now when I take up the scissors I'm still thinking of my teenage girl crush. Isn't she gorgeous? This is going to take a while. I may have to snip it off slowly so it's not such a shock to my system.


  1. That version of Romeo and Juliet was my first "grown up" movie. Romeo was pretty handsome too! Yes ---- Olivia Hussey! Didn't we ALL want to look like her!

  2. That's how long mine was until I moved to this southern climate. I whacked it off one hot afternoon last August.

  3. I too suffer from hair envy. I yearn for thick long hair, but I have very very straight, thin hair, so I chop it all off and it's even shorter than Mia's. Every once in a while I decide to grow it out but it never works.

  4. The longest my hair has ever been was nearly to my shoulders when I was in first grade. It's been shorter than that ever since. Weird, huh?

  5. I haven't had long hair since I was in college. Now mine is shoulder-length wet; chin-length dry.

  6. Ha! I had very long hair 10 years ago and slowly shortened it for the next 5 until I celebrated 60 and super short! It is very freeing!!!!

  7. Mine is only an inch or two shorter than yours and I'm definitely at the "to cut or not to cut?" stage.
    Dave loves it long, and I like being able to braid it, but sometimes its a giant pain in the ass.

  8. Oh I say you can just pull it up so easily now, Just keep it long! If you love it that's what counts!!!!!

  9. You look nice with long hair, and as Kathy says, you can always put it up!

  10. I was around 20 when i first cut my all time waist long hair really short. Did not cry but started to have sad dreams of having long hair.
    Decided not to do this again. Now cutting only half way.

  11. If I had your beautiful hair there is no way I would cut it, I'd let it go gray and be so happy.