Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Soap

 If you signed up for this month's giveaway check your mailbox. The last of the boxes went out yesterday. If you asked for a tracking number check your Ravelry messages. There is also a box of lotion bars winging their way to Canada hopefully, as we speak. When I saw the weather was warming up I thought I better get it all mailed out before it was too late.

As for new soap, I am testing these fragrances from Nurture Soap. Out of the bottle, they smell very mild.

 In the soap, the fragrance brightens up a bit. This Juicy Apricot is not too bad. After last week's swirling disaster I decided to let gravity do the work for me so I just did an in the pot Clyde Slide. That just means pour all the colors in one bowl, give it a quick stir and then pour it in the mold.

Ditto for Cucumber Melon. It's smells pretty nice and looks pretty good. I know I've said it before but simple is always best. I just need to quit fiddling around with those fancy schmancy techniques and just make soap.


  1. Wow, I guess so; these look marvelous! Good job!

  2. They look wonderful!!! Most especially cucumber melon!!

  3. Oh you KID!!! ALL of your soaps are just lovely. Just ask those of us that were gifted some. ALL LOVELY!

    Even better is how you wrap them. Works of ART I tell you!

    Hope your new fragrances make you happy.

    I bought some new fragrance for myself last week. It made ME very happy! (I do like to smell nice.) LOL

  4. Thank you for the wonderful soaps. Unable to decide which one to put in my flight bag for making my hotel room showers more luxurious.

  5. So pretty! You are very talented.

  6. Both soaps look lovely and I bet the scents are wonderful.