Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Meet Holden

 I had a terrible time getting any decent photos. First I took her outside where the lace pattern looked best but the colors washed out.

 The photos taken inside showed the true colors but the delicateness of the lace got lost. She looks thick and heavy here but she isn't.

 She's as light as a feather and very soft.

 The brilliance of this pattern is that it is so simple to knit and it looks so complicated when finished. I highly recommend this pattern for beginners. It's crazy easy.

 The modifications I made were to start the lace sooner than the pattern called for and to switch the yarnovers in the middle for M1R and M1L in order to lose the open spine look down the back.

 All the details can be found here.


  1. It turned out beautiful! Love the colors and what you did with the middle. Switching out the yarn overs was a good idea.

  2. I love it, and plenty of time to spare too :) I'm never a fan of shawls that have a really clear spine down the middle - you modification works really well.

  3. I have to get some of that yarn!!!

  4. Really? You think a beginner could make it, because I would be that beginner and she is gorgeous. I have some Silky Alpaca Lace 50 grams, 460 yard,8 1/2 stch inch on sz 2
    would that be enough.

  5. It is a very simple pattern of decreases and yarnovers. As long as you use plenty of stitch markers and keep count of each repeat, you shouldn't have any problem. The pattern also has written and charted instructions which I always find helpful if I get stuck somewhere.
    50 grams? Hmmm....it is supposed to be a smallish neck thingy so you could start the lace much sooner than the pattern calls for and only do a few repeats of the lace pattern. The picot edging does take a bit of yarn but it also is a pattern that looks good with color changes so you could always add a different yarn for more yardage.

  6. Thanks, I am going to keep it as a possibility. I am itching to cast on something!

  7. It's absolutely gorgeous! I too did my Holden with handspun, and started the lace a little early (the lace is the best part - right?)