Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sock Update

I have like a million pairs of socks on the needles right now. They are stashed in every nook and cranny available. Happily, one pair is now officially finished. The ends are even woven in. 

These have been living in my purse for two years. They are my almost jogless striped socks and here is the jog. It's not invisible but you can hardly see it. As nice as these worked out, I am not anxious to start another pair like this anytime soon. The stripes are fiddly and when knitting socks, I want fast and mindless.

Speaking of fast and mindless, I also finished one of the handspun Corrie socks which were a part of my TdF spinning. You can't get fast or mindless more than with a simple rib pattern but I am sick of that too. Too fiddly.

I wish I had realized that before I started two more pairs of 2x2 ribbed socks. I've got a long way to go and I'm not having a lot of fun.

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