Monday, September 24, 2012

A Special Day

It's my little sister's birthday.This yarn is not for her nor is it going to be knit into something for her (I can hear her sigh of relief from here). It is, however, because of her that I bought it.

 She made me sit in the yarn section of her giant Joanne's while she picked out yarn for Daddio's afghan a few weeks ago and it was there that I fell in love with the Arcadia colorway of Lion Brand's Amazing. I would have bought it then and there but they did not have enough of any single dye lot. I went home and tried in vain to talk myself out of it but when I found it at Knitting Warehouse for $4.75 a skein, I had to have it. It is destined to be a simple warm and fuzzy, lay-about-the-house raglan pullover but until then I am just going to admire it. Being the cheapo acrylic that is is, I don't have to hide it away from the moths-just the cats.

Have a happy birthday Sis. I hope you get to spend some quiet time with your own fuzzy projects today!

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