Monday, September 10, 2012

Fabric and Fiber Field Trip to Frederick

Daddio has been obsessed with Christmas fabric. He can't get enough. Since Little Sister lives near the biggest Joanne's Fabric on the planet, Daddio, Middle Sister and I drove up to spend some money on new fabric and the day visiting. That was the plan but once we got there Daddio seemed more interested in the fuzzy stuff. Little Sister offered to crochet him an afghan in the yarn of his choice so we spent a lovely rainy day squeezing yarn.

 Back at her house, we passed a pleasant afternnoon catching up and knitting while Daddio napped before the long ride back home.

Middle Sister was working on her garter stitch.

 Little Sister was perfecting her circular skills.

She has mastered her garter stitch and even completed her first knit scarf.

She is also designing a garter stitch baby blanket made out of cute little garter stitch squares and....

 ...cross stitching a sampler for her grandbaby to be.....

....while working on a quilt for her mother in law. Whew. It seems Daddio and I are not the only ones in the family with a bad case of crafting ADD.

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