Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Before It's Time

The Citron is done. I did run out of yarn on the last row but thanks to some bad kitties I found something to finish it with.

This yarn barf has been living in my yarn bowl since the cats found it during the Ravellenics and made mischief all over the house with it. It was a destined to be a part of the Sheep Heid but the feline's midnight marauding disqualified it from finishing the event.

My obsessive compulsion to hoard handspun in any amount or condition served me well-for once. Except for the missing sparkle, the black was a perfect match of color and weight for the last band of black in the Citron.

The one thing I can't capture in the photos is the sparkle. It is full of Angelina. The verdict is out on how much I like all that glitz. The second Loop batt I managed to snag off Etsy is sparkle free and I am suddenly very happy about it. The yarn itself is soft enough even with all the added metallic but it doesn't feel wearable because of its small size. It didn't turn out to be ridiculously small but I wish it were bigger.

The back isn't too bad....

..but the front is too small to be a comfy wrap. I think my Color Affection spoiled me. I am still completely in love with it and I have no desire be unfaithful.

 Maybe my dissatisfaction comes from the fact that the colorway and texture is very autumnal and it is still hot as hell and humid outside. I even put on my fall apron, found a long fallish skirt and stood in front of the AC vent to see it if helped. Nah.....maybe by Halloween?


  1. Bad kitties always have a grander plan.

    I frogged my long ago citron because it was turning out so small. You could always turn it around and use it more as a scarf with a nice fall coat - the colours are perfect!