Friday, September 7, 2012


My Romney X weaving adventure is over for now. It went out with a bang.

I had loose warps all over the place. I did everything I could to try to fix them but in the end I had to unweave a large section, retie the warp and start over.

 After cutting it off the loom and giving it a soak, I was not sure what I was going to end up with.

 It seems I did get a "rug" out of it but I am using the term rather loosely.

 It is rather flimsy.

It has the drape of a shawl but it feels like barbed wire next to your skin so on the floor it goes, although I am pretty sure that once it hits the ground either the evil kitties or the bad little doggies will make short work of it.

Since there is plenty more Romney X where that came from, it's not going to be a tragedy if it ends up ruined. It will just give me a reason to make another-this time with the right warp.

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