Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The Aran sweater is done although I haven't blocked it or woven in the ends yet. That's a job for another time. Sewing it up was enough stress for one day and I was anxious to try it on.

Although it looked perfectly fine in its mug shot, I was starting to have an ominous feeling about it.

I wasn't that unhappy with it on the first try-on. I had wanted it to be roomy and I knew those dropped sleeves were going to be sloppy but so far, so good.

It was when I had The Mister take some photos that I noticed it was really large-really, really large. I wanted big and comfy but this is beyond that. I could fit it over my winter coat if I had to.

Then I made the mistake of asking The Mister try it on. Perfect. This sweater may be going to Rhinebeck but I don't think I will be the one wearing it. Phooey.


  1. Well you're absolutely right....it fits the Mister perfectly and look how beautiful it turned out!!! Now I need to get to work on those mismatched socks of mine. I've pretty much just been playing with the puppy! :-)

  2. oh goodness, how unlucky! But he owns you big time for such a beautiful knit!

  3. It does kinda fit him perfectly... well... at least all that hard work won't go to waste!

  4. perfect fit !! one day I will try and knit something like this, when my life is less busy....oops suspect it will never ne less busy, may have to stick to shawls LOL