Friday, September 21, 2012

Reality Check

The sleeve on my February Ladies Sweater is heading in the right direction.

I stood on the deck this morning posing all over the place trying to make it look better than it actually does.

Nothing helped. It really is a ratty looking sweater. My garter stitch is loose and uneven. I blame the yarn. The heavy bamboo blend was not a good choice for the large gauge.It has way too much drape for garter stitch. It also has several snags from the last (and only) time I wore it. I also wish I had done what others had done and not put in all those holes for the increase row. A M1 would have been better than a YO-those holes at the top of the sleeves right before the lace pattern look like mistakes. Having said all that, this messy monstrosity is just the kind of thing that I will eventually wear and wear and wear. I love the crappy stuff. It always matches the rest of the crappy stuff I usually have on.


  1. The last sentence of this blog totally cracked me up!

  2. can't stop laughing at your big fisherman husband sweater and now this ... which really is very pretty in a cozy sweater kind of way. Also your iron fencing bedazzled in soaking wet wool Love your getting so much done!