Thursday, September 13, 2012


Like many knitters, I hate finishing. When I get to the end of the knitting, I am done with the project. Many a sweater has sat ignored for months while I work up the gumption to put myself through the emotional strain of finishing it. My Aran has been sitting patiently since July. It only needs seaming and a neck band. I hate seaming as much as I hate picking up stitches so I knew this was not going to be a fun morning.

I was right. As usual I am disgusted by my lousy seaming. I have no talent at all with a needle and yarn so I really need to stick to seamless projects from now on. I already have two sweaters being ripped apart and redone at the moment and I am betting that before it is all over, this one will make number three. Just look at those shoulder joins. Atrocious.


  1. no, no, no! Don't take it apart. It will all fall into place. A little steaming or wet blocking and the seam will fall flat. Anyway, you won't see it when you wear it. Too much work went into that knitting for you to frog it.

  2. I think you are right. I need to block it first. I was suffering from severe Finishing Phobia when I wrote this post. I tried it on and am feeling better about it already.

  3. Yes.....I agree....please don't frog it!!! All those cables and fancy's to pretty to give up now!! I really like it!! I'll finish my mismatched socks if you finish this pretty sweater!!!!! Is it a deal? ;-)