Tuesday, March 1, 2016


 I hate March. It feels colder in March at 50 than it does in January at 20. It's all wind and dampness.

 Miss Bunny is almost finished. Now I have to stitch the garden she's watering.

After that the first row should be done but there's a lot of work to do in the warmer months. I doubt that they will be done this year.

Today I am officially putting up the March green and changing out the Yankee Candles. Green, green, green.

It's greening up outside as well. The first blossoms are starting to appear.  One day they looked like this and the next.....

 ....well, hello there.

 The roller coaster weather has created a problem with the camellias. The warmth of a few weeks ago brought out the buds and the recent polar vortex visit caused damage.

Oh, no...oh, well we'll be back to cutting the grass before you know it and this winter will be history.
Got blooms?


  1. Our first crocus is blooming...finally...but the weather app on my phone is showing wintry "stuff" both Friday and Sunday. What's up with that? I can't wait to have some flowers to pick and bring inside.

  2. I have very little to put out for March-I need to rectify that! Your green pile looks lovely!
    We have camellias, rose, shrimp plants and calleandra in bloom!

  3. It's so nice when the flowers bloom again although around here somethting's always blooming. We had camellias blooming all winter. I was walking in town with my daughter and granddaughters on the weekend and.....wait for it.....a guy was actually mowing his lawn! I love it!!!

  4. Lovely bunny!
    I love your idea of having seasonal accessories. I only have cusion tops variety. And working on seasonal table runners. The current one is aimed for autumn.

  5. OH barely. We have some snow drops. Im trying to embrace March, but it is bitter today and snowing and the wind is seeping into anyplace it can find. Thank God for knitting

  6. I agree 50 when it's damp and windy feels really cold! (Ask me how I know...) It's early flowers here as well, daffodils and crocuses.

  7. We are sitting here, expecting 6 inches of snow today... no flowers for us for weeks yet.

  8. March is green to me. I love the photo of your green things being put up. I have a little image of you going around your home swapping things out, making the place chockful of green and happy and good luck!

  9. No blooms in Wisconsin yet. Instead, we got snow today. Enough to be a pain, but not enough for a snow day.