Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fun in the Sun

 The end of the week was perfect. After a week of wet and cold we woke up to sun and warmth on Wednesday. I couldn't bring myself to stay in the house and I knew what needed to be done outside.

 Finley was ready to be carded. I wasn't ready for how he behaved though. He exploded into big fiber clouds. Weird.

 I had to wrestle those batts into shape. Finley's a very lofty boy.

 It was so nice out I brought a wheel out and gave him a spin.

I can see it's going to be a bit of a tricky spin. Once the twist goes in it's in for good. Sweet, soft Finley is acting like a Shetland after all. He's got a mind of his own.

Oh, well. I had a sunny afternoon and The Mister's Killian. Finley can do whatever he wants.


  1. Nothing like a great spin and outdoors is even better!

  2. Spinning outside is the best!!! And Finley looks soft and fluffy! That looks like an Ashford Traditional that you're spinning him Ashford is miffed at me for spending all my time with the Kromskis. LOL!

  3. Happy you could get OUTSIDE. Hope the snows dont come to you this week

  4. A little Killian makes it ALL alright!