Saturday, March 12, 2016

Shopping Scores

I ran into AC Moore yesterday to pick up a few packs of craft paper since they had them on sale 2 for $5.

 At the end of the aisle was a display of these pricey markers I had been coveting for months. I look at them on Amazon so often that they pop up all the time in those ad thingys that are so annoying but I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money.

They are alcohol based and gradient so they are made for blending. I almost walked right by without noticing the sign that they were on sale-HALF PRICE! Usually $14 a pack, they were being offered up for $7.88. I filled my cart with all the color families that caught my fancy. Then I had terrible regrets....that I didn't buy more. I sent The Mister back today for three more color packs. I was doing a happy dance all day and I almost slept with them under my pillow.

 I also recently discovered these adorable teas being sold by Adagio Teas. I drink their stuff all the time but had no idea they had 87,000 different loose tea blends with several of which having something to do with knitting.

I bought quite a few of the sample tins and have loved every one so far. What's knitting without a cup of tea? Is it even possible to knit without one?


  1. Yes, I am a knitter and I can't stomach is a regret but what can I say? Spewing a mouthful can stain what I am knitting! lol Love the markers!!!

  2. Actually, I'd rather sit down with a cup of coffee, but I know what you mean!
    I've been eyeing those markers for months, too. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  3. Im so glad you got your markers!

  4. No ..... if there is knitting, there must be tea!!!!

    Of course, a latte now and then doesn't hurt either. ;-)

  5. I am doing the happy dance for you and your excellent paper craft score. I love it! I love nice markers. Then again I'm pleased with a sharpie so I'm all over the place, I suppose.

    And great, now I'm perusing a tea site ... $$ ;)