Friday, March 18, 2016

No Strings

 When I send off all my little packages of soap I in NO way expect anything in return. It is thanks enough to take it off my hands so I can make more. I don't care if you wash your car with it. I need the rack space. I am also totally ashamed to say that I have even stalked childhood friends on Facebook just so I could unload some on them. No one is safe. Pitiful, I know.

 Having said that, just look at what I did get in return. From Cindy at Delighted Hands I got one of her posh project bags and some amazing stitch markers. I still can't believe she actually made this. I've seen them on her blog so I know she did but when you see one in person you can't believe the professional feel of it. I love it.

 From Dee at Pointy Little Sticks, I got some pretty crab yarn (Tofutsies is made from shrimp and crab shells among other things) and a magnet she stitched that looks like skates.

 I am going to have to hide it on Easter or Daughter will be taking it home for sure. You just don't get cuter that this.

I also want to thank KathyB at Irisheyesknitters for this lovely bundle of goodies that we traded for a while back. She made me a washcloth for all my soap. How sweet. You know it's already gotten plenty of use.
I've said it before but I'll say it again...knitters are the nicest people (unless they happen to be in a forum on Ravelry-but that's a whole different story).
Thanks everybody!


  1. Hope you enjoy the yarn (and ice skates) as much as I am enjoying the lovely soap.

    You are right --- bloggers ROCK! I've met a few in person and they are still the nicest folks around. LOL


  2. It's nice to share the love........

  3. How nice!! Those little skates are just the cutest thing!!!

  4. It just proves that what goes around comes around. :-)

  5. Oh those ICE skates!!!!
    Knit bloggers are just the best! Happy you liked your goodies!!!

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  7. Those skates are perfect! Leave it to Dee! And as for you, your generosity is wonderful!