Thursday, March 3, 2016

Wash Day

 I go and say how much I hate March and then we have a day like we had on Tuesday. It was perfect for washing fleece. Perfect.

 I decided to tackle Finley one small handful at a time.

He came home from last year's MDSW and I forgot all about him.

 I love the first wash. All the yuck falls off and you can see what you have.

 Nothing fancy in the washing department. Dawn does it.

 I warm up the water to be just a bit too hot for my bare hands and give it three quick soaks changing the water and soap out each time .

 After three rinses, Finley turned out to be a nice bright white.

A big handful fits snugly in the spinner so it went for a ride.

It dried in a flash in the bright sun and stiff breeze. Temps were in the 60's. Crazy, I know. Tomorrow we may have snow.

 From start to finish the whole washing took less than 15 minutes. I used to drag out tons of equipment and take hours. Never again. Simple is best.

 Then there is the sink cleanup. Of course, it gets a good scrubbing and disinfecting before people dishes go back in.

 Since it dried so quickly I could spend some time outside teasing it out. That's always my favorite part. With the breeze to my back I didn't have to worry about breathing in any loose fiber and hay bits.

 I was very surprised at how much teased fiber I got from that one handful and I was also shocked at how clean and soft this fleece turned out to be. He's going to be something special someday.
Any suggestions for Shetland?


  1. The fleece looks so pretty all teased out. It's amazing how WHITE it all washed up to be.

    Glad you made the most of your spring day!

  2. What a great Spring tradition! I love to spin Shetland...I use it for shawl knitting; it's what it is famous for, too.

  3. It is amazing how white it turned out. It was really interesting to see the whole process like that.

  4. I just did the same thing with an alpaca fleece and that stiff breeze sent all my beautifull fluff sailing into the patio and yard. I was not a happy camper as I was trying to collect it all!

  5. Interesting process. It looks like you ended up with a real treasure!

  6. wow. Im glad you scrub that sink well and I like your brush. I may have to get one for scrub a dubbing. Its snowing here. Im done with it. I refuse to let March get me! I'm up to something but I don't know whaT!

  7. It's beautiful! I always love your process photo essays. So fluffy and white, like snow or clouds there. Excellent way to spend a lovely spring day. (hey I rhymed!)