Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Soap: Crazy in the Kitchen

 You knew it would happen. As soon as I unloaded a bunch of soap I just had to make more. I sent out twelve boxes during this last purge. It felt wonderful. Then I went in the kitchen and went crazy using up all the supplies I had. First up was Night Skies. It and I got a good dusting of 24 karat gold mica during its production. It smells absolutely heavenly, like dark plums.

 Next was Nantucket Briar which is supposed to smell like orchids and musk. It was also supposed to be pink, teal and spring green but all the colors decided to do their own thing.  It's full of coconut milk which tends to heat up and cook the colors a bit.

 Speaking of doing its own thing. This was supposed to be lime green for a Ginger and Lime fragrance. That green did weird things but I think I like it. It reminds me of sparkling ginger ale. It looks prettier in person than in the photos. The healthy dose of cosmetic glitter on top helps.

 This is the one that caught The Mister's attention. He's so used to seeing the mess in the kitchen he rarely pays any attention unless it smells this good. This is Coconut Lime leftover from the batch made from Soxieknitter's supplies that she kindly gifted me. It looks different than the first go round but it smells just as delicious.

 My very favorite fragrance is Mediterranean Fig so I made myself another batch. Those are some scary swirls. That soap looks angry but it smells good enough to eat. I love this scent so much I bought a bottle of unscented shampoo base and dosed it with this fragrance.

Finally I made a small batch of lightly scented White Tea and Bergamot. In six weeks I'll probably be looking for more victims friends to give most of this away to so stay tuned!


  1. Oh my goodness they all look amazing. My skin feels so soft after using your soaps. There really is a huge difference from the store bought stuff and your kitchen must smell delicious.

  2. Powerful soap making going on in that laboratory of yours-these are beautiful. That lime must smell wonderful! Fig-I can't picture!

  3. Oh my ....that Mediterranean fig DOES look angry. That would be a good soap to give away around Halloween. LOL

    Poor hubby --- I'll be he thought something TASTY was cooking up in the kitchen and then it was just SOAP. LOL

  4. These soaps are great! They're better than the commercial soaps and much better than some hand made soaps I've bought. Your packaging is so pretty. Perhaps sales are in your future?

  5. So pretty Deb. Your soap making looks very fun. and good enough to eat....

  6. Your soaps are getting more beautiful by the day!