Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Colorful Life

 I must have my name on THE list over at Simon Say Stamp as the crazy stalker lady because my April kit got here before April. I drove them crazy in early March when my kit didn't show up until the second week in.

 This month is all about birthdays and flowers. The Mister's birthday in on the 14th so it's good timing. I'm not so sure he'll like all the flowers but I'll figure something out.

 I do like all the flowers. So much so that I went on a flower stamp buying spree on Amazon.

I had to. I really wanted this birthday stamp and it was an add on item meaning you had to buy $25 worth of stuff to get this $3 stamp set. I hate that add on thing but I have to admit-it works.


  1. Beautiful stamps...I wonder, do you then adhere them to a wooden base or what? How do you use all the pretty designs you are sharing?!

  2. I've fallen victim to that whoe Amazon add on thing a time or two myself. They make it way to easy. LOL

  3. I see some stamps in there that would be quite "manly" ----

    Can't wait to see what you come up with! Enjoy all your new haul!

  4. I'm blown away at the stamps and all the tools you have for card making, even with the kits. I have to ask, what's your storage method? By month? by tool type?

  5. I just caved on expensive yarn.....so dont feel bad!

  6. Those stamps are wonderful, have fun!