Monday, March 21, 2016


I finally found the time to sit down and start weaving my Easter towels this past weekend.

I was sitting back and thinking about how the colors were not doing what I thought they would when I noticed an empty spot in the reed. Oh, no....a broken thread.

Thank goodness my Craftsy class had covered this problem.

I had it fixed in no time but now I am worried about all that white snapping every time I wind it up. It's not from the same supplier I usually use and this seemed to be a problem in the reviews of the product. I should have known better than try to save a few bucks. Thank you Soxieknitter for including the film canisters with the loom. I can't tell you how many times they've saved the day.

So far it's not off to a great start-and I thought all I had to worry about was how the purple was getting lost in the pattern.


  1. Good job on the repair! The colors might be muted but it is still pretty! Go with it.

  2. I know nothing about weaving but it looks really good to me. I can't believe it's this close to Easter already. It's totaly catching me off guard.

  3. Those craftsy classes sound amazing

  4. Oh dear! It's so discouraging to encounter a problem like that. Sounds like you really paid attention to your class. Go you!

  5. I'm tired of fixing things. Probably because I don't really know how. I just want something to work out first pass. I love the Easter towels. I hope it's smooth sailing without any snaps the rest of the way.

  6. I was weaving with Berroco Boboli and the same thing happened, I had two canisters filled with quarters holding my snapped yarn, not fun!