Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Soap: Comparisons

 Right before I starting sending out my giveaway packages, I had a crisis with my lotion bars. I'd never used one before I started making them so I wasn't exactly sure if I got it right. I went off to Etsy, found a popular seller and ordered myself one.

Doesn't it look pretty with the yellow beeswax? It smells like blackberry and sage. Yum. I can buy that mold, that fragrance and the yellow wax from my supplier and you know I'm going to.

 Okay. Now I get it. That's good advice. I only started making lotion bars because someone asked me to so I really didn't understand what the fuss was about. Ginger and Waldo make a lovely bar and I am happy to say after a comparison, mine are right on the money. If I wasn't able to make my own I would definitely buy these. I really, really love the whole lotion bar thing. I've been rubbing mine all over myself including on the ends of my long witchy hair.

 In the soap department, meet the first of last week's creations,  Pure Lavender EO and Lanolin. It's the first time I've used lanolin in a people soap. I used it last fall in an unscented doggie soap that's so nice that I have been using it on my own winter weary face.

This is Green Tea and Honey. Oy. This is a hot mess of a soap. The lye turned the honey bright orange which didn't play nice with the mica colors or the soy milk.

The good thing about soap is that it can be used again in another way if it doesn't turn out to be what you want. I chopped it up and added it to some plain batter.

That's a bit crazy but it's better than it was. I should have staggered those embeds better. I didn't know they would sink down right on top of each other. I was hoping to get some white in between them. Oh, well. I'm just going to pretend I did that on purpose.

Speaking of crazy, meet Yuzu. It's a very tropical smelling scent that takes a bit of getting used to. People raved about it so of course I had to have some but I'm on the fence. It reminds me of the ever popular Monkey Farts and I wasn't a fan of that particular rotten fruit smell.  No final judgement quite yet though. I'll just wait six long weeks to see how it smells as soap.


  1. The purple in the Lavender EO looks like ocean waves.

    You certainly make a variety of colors! All of them are so pretty and I just LOVE the ones you sent!

  2. Ohhhhh I going to use it on my hair now!!!!!

  3. You crack me up! You are so critical of your soaps. I think they are all pretty!

  4. Wow, your soaps are getting prettier and prettier! Nice work.

  5. You are just so fearless about trying new things; these are wonderful soaps!
    Your lotion bar is beautiful and wondrous-you nailed it!

  6. I absolutely love the lotion bar and soaps you sent!!! They all smell wonderful and the whole lotion bar idea is brilliant! I must try it on my hair too.

  7. Haha! I love your sudden panic. I love how your brain went for the side by side comparison and that your lotion bars remain triumphant! I can smell the lavendar from here! divine! And I'm dying to know how the Yuzu turns out, because if there is one follow up I definitely want it's a comparison to Monkey farts. I know of this rotting fruit smell you speak of. I'm with you, I didn't get the fuss. Haha, but seriously, Monkey farts? HAHA