Sunday, June 15, 2014

What Are the Chances?

 When I had to rip out two thirds of the border on my ancient cross stitch project a while back, I was worried about running out of thread. This wasn't DMC and I knew it would be hard to match.

 I went looking to buy another kit just in case the worst happened but couldn't find one anywhere until I looked on ebay. Sure enough someone had one for sale and for only seven dollars including shipping. Sold.

 Then, while working on yet another ancient UFO, I began to fear I would run out of this long discontinued color of Red Heart Super Saver yarn I needed for those long border rows.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I discovered this identical ancient skein up for auction. I won it for $6.50 including shipping. How lucky was that? I really need to go play the lottery.


  1. The odds are astronomical! So hAppy for you-now you will definitely finish these two projects! Hooray!

  2. ha ha, yes by all means play lotto.. You won Red Heart!
    I swear you can find anything on ebay.