Sunday, June 1, 2014

Head Games

 Suddenly, I find myself with lots of mindless knitting on the needles.

Lots and lots of ribbing and stockinette equals boredom so in order to survive I have to turn it into a game. On the long front bands for Elizabeth I use a stitch marker too see how much I can get done in a sitting.

With the Trekking socks, I pull out the strand until it changes color and see how fast I can knit it.

 With these side by side socks, I have to make sure I knit the same amount on each sock before I put them away.

I'm also enjoying watching the colors change. They are definitely clown barf but they will be fun to pull out next winter.


  1. We all need motivation! I use M &M' s ...I set out 10 and get one at the end of each row! It works for me!

  2. I'm doing the "knit to the next colour" with my mini mochi shawl because it has large chunks of garter.

  3. love the term CLOWN barf! I love endless boring knits…..What does that say about me?

  4. I'm always playing such games... makes things tick over so much better :)