Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More Donesies!

 That two at a time, side by side sock trick is wonderful. These were done in a flash.

 I hate to say it but I could honestly do without the orange toes. I like the orange with the green but not with the other colors.

This was Daddio's first sock blank dyeing experiment so I knew they were going to be wild. Next time, if there is a next time, I'll limit his palette a bit.

 When properly worn, they will be just fine-and I actually kind of love the crazy orange peeking through the holes.


  1. never limit the master! those are beautiful. orange toes and all.

  2. A very neat pair of socks-I like the bright toes-especially peeking out of the holes, too! The sock blank has some colors you don't have in your socks-I seem to remember you using it for something else first, right?

    1. I started something else and then frogged it. The reason I didn't have the colors in the socks is that I ran out of socks before I ran out of yarn. I still have a bit left that starts with the yellow.

  3. Oh yeah, toe poking orange through the crocs….LOVE IT