Friday, June 6, 2014

It's a Grand Old Flag

 My latest apron creation is done and it certainly went out with a bang. I've made this same pattern at least six or seven times now so you would think I would know what I was doing but apparently I don't. I had to redo it so many times that I almost tossed the miserable thing in the trash. In my defense, this is a very fiddly pattern. It's supposed to be easy but it's Not. At. All.

I also struggled with the design. As usual I didn't order enough material to do what the pattern says so I had to improvise. I'm not wild about the plaid at the bottom. It's all from a discontinued collection so I couldn't get more of the starry red that I preferred. I did modify the pockets from half round ones to big square ones to get more red in it.
In a few weeks, when it's covered in goo and been through the wash a few times none of this will matter anyway so I'll stop my complaining and go start another one while the whole ordeal is still fresh in my head. I've still got Saint Patrick's Day and Halloween to go.


  1. I love it!!! In fact I'm sitting here entertaining thoughts of trying to copy it. :-) Although I have to say I'm a little hesitant do to the words "very fiddly pattern and Not easy at all". I do need to start using aprons though...I'm constantly trying to get stains out of my clothes.

  2. You did it; the frustrations don't show at all! Nice job!

  3. Such a cute apron! I really like the fabrics you chose. I hope the next one goes a little easier. Can't wait to see it.