Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back in Business

 During the Pup's convalescence, we had all the furniture piled up in a corner to keep her from jumping. The loom also had to go to make room.

 I was in the middle of this project and it was good to get it uncovered and dusted off.

 I had to start out by winding another bobbin and it was no joy.

As much as I love to play with string, spending this much time to get this poorly wound bobbin is not cutting it. I need to get a real bobbin winder but good golly, they are expensive.


  1. It sure will feel good to sit at the loom again, won't it?! Enjoy. (I won't tell you that I sold my Schact winder for $50 just recently....! oops.)

  2. I love that shade of summer y green.
    Pup is growing up if you can get the house back in order already! hooray

  3. The fabric is really pretty. Love that green.