Saturday, June 21, 2014

Afghan Summer

 I'm not casting on one new thing this summer until these two blankies are done. I'm sick of looking at them.

 I had a heart stopping moment with the mosaic sampler when I started to run out of some vintage colors but right now it's all go.

Those ends are getting longer and longer so it's slow going but I'm going to force myself to get to the finish line by Labor Day. I can't wait to get these dusty things in the wash and have them ready for an autumn cuddle. I'm already over hot weather.


  1. You can do it, you can do it times two! THey will be so lovely. I lose my mojo on big projects….
    and IM just starting to enjoy the summer heat here!
    Its been intermittently hot and then a cool front comes in on the same day.

  2. Good to set goals and focus on that goal! Go and knit-it will be a post that says finished soon enough! That mosaic knitting is amazing!

  3. not going to cast on?
    not even one teeny weenie little sock?

  4. Both blankets are lovely. I've worked a little on a couple of lingering projects this summer too.