Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Sticky Situation

 I love spray adhesive for basting quilts.

 It probably goes against everything I believe in as a Save the Earth type of person but I still love it.

 With just a few pins stuck in Daddio's rug, you can pull those layers tight as a drum with it.

 I do take precautions since I was working inside the house. I love the stuff but I don't want it lining my lungs.

 I still pin the top but I can put the pins further apart and still feel that it is all where it should be as it goes through the long quilting process.

 I was feeling pretty pleased with the whole thing until I went to trim it up and discovered I had been off by a fraction on an inch on one corner of the backing.

It was no fun peeling the layers apart so I could make the repair but I still love that spray stuff. It's da bomb, quite literally.


  1. I use that spray also for my machine embroidery; it is great stuff! I spray basted a small quilt years ago and then didn't get to it right away--when I pulled it out of the pile years later-it was still layered perfectly and able to be quilted! (Don't wait that long to get this quilt under the needle! lol)

  2. I'm so doing that with my next quilt... when I finally get around to making it!