Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I went out on the deck this morning to take a picture of the row I had just finished on one of my blankies.

The problem was is that this kitty kept photo bombing every shot. She's not mine. Since last winter she's been showing up from time to time for a free meal. She walks right in the house like she owns the place.

I was also trying to show that I had finished another side of the orange border on the mosaic blankie and talk about the drama I had with the cables.

 I looked down one day to notice the entire end had broken off and lots of live stitches were sitting in my lap. You don't ever bind anything off but work from the stitches on all four cables in turn so those cables are pretty important.

I ordered more cables to make sure that never happens again. These are even longer so maybe they will stand up better under the stress of all those stitches and the ever increasing weight of the thing.

Of course I had an audience the whole time I was trying to take the photos. The poor thing wouldn't leave me alone. She is a sweet kitty but very needy attention-wise. I think someone dumped her off because I'm pretty sure she is spayed. I'm not seeing any unusual male activity in the vicinity and she's been around at least six or seven months now. I call her Hoover because she cleans up every morsel of food left behind by the other more finicky kitties.

Outdoor kitty Thelma is not amused by all her lovey dovey behavior. She doesn't approve of human contact.

 Neither does Louise. They don't know what to make of a cat that likes people even when they don't have a plate of food in their hand. 


  1. the blankets are gorgeous.
    but those cats stole the entire show!

  2. Nice progress on the Afghanis! Close call on losing stitches! But what stands out is that you have a pet called Hoover, who are you kidding! lol

  3. Your new visitor is lovely! As are the two local ladies!

  4. Thelma Louise and Hoover all rock in my world. Hoover is such a typical alley cat look. Selma and Louise are very fancy colored and coated. Photo bombs were hysterical

  5. Great photos of the gorgeous blankets . . . and the cute little assistant.