Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's Not Over Until I Say So

Even though the Merino Featherweight is a lost cause, I still have lots of the same fleece in the shed. Lots.

I also have a few of the dyed locks left over from last year.

I also think I know where I went wrong and am anxious to give it another go. It really is a lovely fiber and color. I will be whacking the daylights out of the newly spun stuff and whacking the daylights out of the leftovers. I'm not taking any chances.

The other correct way to proceed, I believe, is to not construct a garment that is knit in one piece. The weight of blocking the entire thing was too much. I'll block each piece as I knit it to make sure it's behaving.

 Who knows if I'll end up with anything wearable but I can't give up on it just yet. Not with 8 pounds of this fleece still in the shed.


  1. Good decisions! Featherweight UK will be a success!

  2. I was trying to say Featherwight II. not UK, silly auto-correct!

  3. wow. good for you~
    will you make the same pattern?