Sunday, June 8, 2014

Home Again

As I mentioned yesterday, Daddio is home from the rehab facility and I've been running back and forth trying to keep everyone safe and happy. It hasn't been easy. While I'm away tending to pup back at home, I'm keeping him busy with some crafts so he won't get into mischief. He was much easier to handle before they fixed his leg. Now he's all over the place. 

Lucky for me, somewhere in my ancient stash I found this little rug kit that caught his fancy. I am sure he has a certain little granddaughter in mind.

 We also took a quick trip to Joanne's where he added some yardage to his stash.

 I put him to work paper piecing some beautiful mug rug's that I saw on Kathy B's blog.

If anyone needs a mug rug, Daddio does-lots of them all over the house.

 We also got back to work on his Tumbler quilt. He only needs three more blocks.

 I set up the dining room table with things to keep his old brain in gear.

 We've been putting up reminder posters all over the place. The stay in rehab did nothing for his memory. I don't have one good thing to say about his 25 day stay in that miserable place so I won't even bring it up.

He had a temper tantrum in Walmart on Friday when I wanted to buy him this puzzle because he thought it would be too easy. Ha. He's still working on it.


  1. You've done great giving him projects everywhere! People say having parents like this is like caring for children again; it isn't in that they are not under our authority and yet the responsibilities are childish. It's the worst of the worst. You are doing a great job in a very hard circumstance.

  2. I know you are exhausted, but you have done more in a couple of days then they most likely did in 25 days. Does he still have physical therapy to go to or do they come to the house. That should wear him out a little.

    1. We are going out to therapy starting Wednesday. The more I get him out the better.

  3. Hope the worst is OVER!! I love the mug rugs! You are a great daughter