Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Before Its Time

 During the Pup's convalescence, I've had plenty of sit and knit time. Last night I finished the first Trekking sock but got a nasty surprise when I tried it on.

The toes are too squishy. I swear I tried it on before I started decreasing but the darn thing is too darn small.

 I hate squishy toes. I have to rip it out and redo it but not today. I'm putting it in time out until the second one is finished and then I will redo it when I have one that fits. Grrr.......

One good thing is that I did manage to match that crazy stripe pattern. I was tempted to forget it but then I saw on Ravelry that others had managed to do it so of course I had to do it too.


  1. GRRR! At least it is top down so it will be an easy rework....when you get over the disappointment, that is!
    It has to help seeing how pretty it is!

  2. Love the fun stripes and colors in your sock.

  3. I find my most comfortable toe is a round toe finish. You make it like you make a hat top.

  4. I'm confused. "the Pup"? Is the new puppy sick or are you referring to Daddio?
    Sorry your toes are squished. love the color and stripes

  5. I've knit a few pairs with squishy toes.... sometimes you just want to be done!