Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Uh, oh....

I don't want to be too dramatic or anything but I BROKE MY FAVORITE GOLDING SPINDLE. See that giant crack? Ouch. Now it wobbles when it should be spinning.

 I've been trying to play catch up on my singles for this year's MDSW shawl and darned if I didn't go and drop it one time too many.

 I need that little bobbin to be the same size as the big one before I can even think of plying so you can see I still have a long way to go.

I do have several other Goldings but that one was always my favorite. It was the perfect weight and size. Sigh. I used to pick one of these up at every wool festival I visited. The Golding booth was always my first stop but they stopped coming to them a few years back. You can order them online but it's not the same as playing with them until you find the perfect one. I have tried carefully gluing it back together so maybe tomorrow I will be back in business. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of this year's shawl, I've chosen this pretty pattern if I ever get the darn yarn spun. It's Regina Marie by Sara Burch and you can find it at Ravelry here.


  1. That's a bummer! Hate when that happens! Hope glueing works for you. Such a pretty shawl pattern....and free! Very pretty colors your working with too. It's tempting me. :-)

  2. I'm sorry about your spindle! I hate when our favorite things get broken.

    The Regina Marie shawl is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing this one take shape.

  3. Sorry for the break...maybe the glue will work.
    Maybe. The shawl is a winner! The yarn you are spinning is going to look great with that pattern!

  4. I seriously don't see how you spin and then knit so much. What's next a flock of sheep? From farm to garment movement? haha! I love the colors you're spinning and that pattern is beautiful.

  5. oh oh. So sorry! I dont like when ordinary wooden knit needles splinter...and I wouldnt like to lose a spindle even more.
    I Love the color and the shawl pattern. Great goal