Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Heart Will Go On and On and On....

 Valentine's Day is long gone but my house is still a sea of reds and pink hearts.

As I mentioned before, our third place finish-out of six amazing teams, did not sit well with our coach aka Daughter.

We brainstormed ways of getting even more candy into the number. We were looking for an even bigger wow factor than an awesome 10 foot gingerbread house. Hmm....

We decided to recruit three little munchkins who will now be Sweetheart conversation hearts that pop out of their boxes during the finale with help from our Sugar Plum Fairies. The last thing the judges will see is something cute. We hope.

Or course that meant making the heart costumes and the boxes they pop out of. Ouf. What a job and I'm still not completely happy with the results. It's one thing to make up your own designs and another trying to copy an iconic one-in sloppy cardboard and felt.

I should say that the boxes are not quite done. After spending hours trying to cut the letters out of felt freehand, I ended up ordering felt letters from Amazon. I hope they work because this particular job was no fun at all.

 I should also confess that I still have yet to put away any of my own Valentine's decorations. I think I'm going to wait until March and then change it all out to green.
Any signs of Valentine's still hovering chez vous?


  1. The Sweetheart boxes are very cute.

    No signs of Valentine's left here, but then there wasn't MUCH to begin with. Just a stitched towel and a couple of pillows.

  2. Your daughter sure keeps you on your toes!
    There is definitely signs of Spring but today is a big rainstorm/thunder, etc and lowered our temps!

  3. Oh My goodness yOU've nailed it with the conversation hearts boxes. Little ones popping darling ....

  4. No more remnants of Valentine's Day except for maybe some candy hoarding. shh! My hearts are cold and black due to cranky pants.

    I think you and your daughter are far too hard on yourselves, 3/6 awesome teams and she has a great track record. Also, your sweetheart boxes look good. Toughest customer is yourself, huh? I love the concept giggle.

    My final comment is this. I really like the Valentine's Day wreath and think that I should consider putting together a seasonal wreath for the following year for some ... season or occasion. Good inspiration!

  5. I'm amazed at all you do!!! I have no lingering valentines here but I'm embarresed to say there are poinsettas still in a pot on the front porch. At least they were there. We are being blasted with heavy storms and strong gail force winds here today so they may be gone by now. It's literaly to windy to go look! Brace your self cuz I think it's heading your way.

  6. I am awed by those boxes. I hope that "coach" appreciates you!

  7. Those boxes are fantastic!

    I haven't put anything on my door since fall (skipped Christmas and V-day!)
    Now you've got me thinking about making something for March...