Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How Do I Love Thee?

 I am going to pick the winner of the giveaway today at noon and announce it tomorrow. In the meantime I thought I would ramble on about things that make me swoon with joy. First, cookies. I love these Eleni's cookies. I have been eating them for weeks and they are as crisp and yummy today as I finish the box as they were the day I opened them. I am sad. I need more but they are hit and miss at Home Goods.

 Candy is my favorite food group. I know there are plenty of fancy schmancy chocolates out there but I like the big yellow box. My great grandmother ate it, my grandmother ate it, my mother ate and I eat it any chance I get. The molasses chew is my favorite but I wish they still had the old candy covered Jordan almonds and not those chocolate covered ones.

 I love my Palette Cardi. Daughter calls it my clown coat but I worked my behind off on it and it just gets better with age. I saved for a long time to be able to buy that giant box of yarn that came with the kit. It was the first thing I ever knit that was made from the yarn it was designed to be made in. It was worth every penny. It makes me smile every time I see it.

 I adore my Kindle Fire. It was a gift from #2 son and I think about him every time I use it. I take it with me everywhere I go. At 3 am when I can't sleep it plays movies for me, reads me a book or plays solitaire with me. I really like Alexa, my Echo, but I love my Fire.

 I can't live without night lights. I have them all over the house. They make me feel warm and cozy when it gets dark. I love taking a bath with just the night light on. I know I could light a candle but I'm too lazy.

 Sugar in pourable containers is my new best friend. I am not fancy enough for a sugar bowl and then there is the awkward spoon thing that goes on once you stir. I just want to pour and go.

 I have a girl crush on Flavia De Luce. Even now that she's been sent off to Canada to attend her mother's boarding school she's still into mischief of the deadly variety. You have to love an almost twelve year old with murder on her mind. Sadly, I am nearing the end of the series. Oh, no....

Who wouldn't love a pair of doofy slippers? I made these Phentex slippers years ago and they are still going strong. My first pair came from a dear friend in Canada who passed away several years ago.  I miss her still.

 Of course I love Pup. Here she is at her best. It's not very often you find her sleeping but when she does she is the cuddliest pup ever. She makes little puppy noises in her sleep and it's just precious.

 I am pretty sure I am the only person in the world without a smartphone. I hate cell phones in general. They do weird things that is embarrassing when you are trying to carry on an important conversation. If I have something to say, I say it on a landline. I still use this thing and I love it. It was #1 Son's back in the day and it works better than any other phone I have.

 Every time I walk past the stove I get a happy tingle looking at last year's February weaving project. I still can't believe I can do this. Go me.

Last but not least, I love watching the sun go down through my new windows. The new windows are nice but what makes this wonderful is that I am home, on my couch, usually with a book in my hand and Pup by my side. Life is good.
What things are floating your boat these days?


  1. A good selection of good things ----

    Good things here:

    The weather is warmer
    Chai tea latte made with DH's fat-free half and half ..... my new favorite drink.

  2. I agree with you. Pup is adorable and those little noises they make in their sleep are so cute. The gardener loves his kindle fire too.

  3. I love this post.
    It makes me want to go journal about things that make me happy.

  4. Love your list. Whitman's and Flavia would be on my list too. I'd add sweet tea and fresh flowers.

  5. What a great post! So much to be happy about and I love that you are a homebody, too.
    The Palette cardi is amazing!

  6. Go you! What a beautiful post. I really enjoyed seeing these different things and how and what they mean to you. I adore you for your love of a treat, tea biscuits and candy! I like that you like what you like, but being from the West Coast, not in attempt to sway you, but just to know, have you ever had See's Candys? I think I feel the way about See's the way you feel about Whitman's. Particularly the Scotchmallows.

    I love the colors in your cardi and I like that your daughter calls it your clown coat, because she notices it and now it has a shared, I dunno, thing between you. That makes me warm and fuzzy.

    Enjoy your loves and your February. You've got a lot of wonderful going on thanks for sharing!

  7. I'm pretty sure Phentex is the cockroach of the knitting world... even a nuclear blast couldn't kill it!

    Your Palette cardi is beautiful - wear it with pride!

    As for thing that's floating my boat... new gloves, furry hugs (as always) and the days slowly getting longer.

  8. I too love Whitman Samplers! My mother-in-law loved them too - and my husband would always get them for her when she was alive. I like knowing what I'm biting into! So having them tell you which piece is what - perfection...
    No, you are not the last person that doesn't have a smartphone. I have never even had a cell phone!!
    I have nightlights in various places - and always sleep with one on in my bedroom - can't sleep without it. I even take one when I travel!

    Linda in VA

  9. Love the fact that the sun is in the sky longer.

  10. Your cardi is cute and colorful! What's floating this boat? Cupcakes tonight for al s upcoming birthday celebration

  11. I was a holdout on cell phones for a while, but I had to give in to keep track of teens -- and now I'm hooked.
    I hadn't seen the Palette Cardi before, and I think it is magnificent!

  12. I loved reading your list of simple pleasures.
    I love the mailman coming with a box for me.