Friday, February 26, 2016

FO Friday

 I suppose it's not really an FO. It still has to be knit into something but I'll take anything I can get these days. I am deep in the black hole of knitting.

 This lovely skein is at least finished the spinning part of it's journey.

 Halfway through the plying I realized I had never checked to see if it was balanced. I knew I was pedaling like a maniac on the Ladybug from the sheer joy of it so I feared it was going to have a lot of energy.

 It wasn't too bad. I've certainly made worse. Much worse.

 After a good long soak it calmed down.

Today it's nice and fluffy and begging to be knit into a pretty little something but it will have to wait until things get under control around here. I've got so many projects going at the moment you can't even walk through the living room-and the cable guy is coming at 8 am to fix my broken On Demand. That's going to be embarrassing.
Do you have something you are itching to cast on?


  1. So very pretty. Reminds me of Lemon/Lime!

  2. NICE! Love the pretty spring colors. I have several things already cast on and way to many itching to be. I do NOT how ever have a cable guy coming over. LOL!

  3. Very pretty colours! Will be a nice... Anything.
    I've just casted on mittens - not too late for winter, right?

  4. The colors are so spring-like! It looks really nice to me.

    My problem is that there are so many things I want to cast on, I'm paralyzed about it. Sigh.

  5. Yes, a newly spun skein of yarn counts as a FO!
    It's a beautiful Spring Green!!!!
    I am going to cast on a Baby Surprise Jacket today!

  6. Oh those colors are so wonderful. A breath of Spring for all us winter-weary folk! Have a great weekend.

  7. Your yarn definitely counts as an FO. It will be fun to knit with.
    We don't have cable, so I never have to worry about the cable guy coming over!

  8. I count your yarn. Love the yellows. Very springy.
    I cast on another cowl last night in my madelintosh that does not itch!

  9. That yarn is going to be a beautiful little something!

    I really want to start a new cardigan - but I promised myself, not until this damn tunic is done!

  10. FO Yarn is awesome! The spring time colors are really refreshing. Makes me think of some green felici I have in the stash ... maybe I'll cast on those socks. But honestly? The Knitting Insanity is bad, and I kind of want to do the cardigan pattern I'm doing ... again as soon as I finish. I know. Bonkers.