Saturday, February 13, 2016

It's Not Easy Being Green

 For tomorrow's skating competition I have to transform myself into a green faced witch.

 It's not as easy as you think.

 I bought expensive theatrical makeup and watched lots of Elphaba tutorials but it took a great deal of patience to get the color I wanted in all the places I needed to be green. I have to be green for 4 minutes and then an hour later be an old librarian for 4 more so I have to get the green off as fast as I put it on. Gulp.

The green really makes your wrinkles pop. I won't have any trouble convincing anyone that I am a wicked old witch. The red wig was just for fun. I probably will just go with my own witchy hair but I couldn't resist trying on all the costume pieces I have leftover from last year.

As for the burned foot. I babied it all week. The neighbors must think I'm nuts.

Not bad. With enough salve and a big bandage I should be good to go.
So....when was the last time you put on a costume?


  1. I think it has been 4 decades....
    You look very profession as an actress!

  2. Deb Your witch color is so perfect! You give your all with the skating club! It must keep you in good shape!! Last time I dressed up...well Halloween

  3. In 2014, I was an M&M for Halloween, but that did not involve makeup!
    I think you look gorgeous green, and I can't see a single wrinkle!

  4. I use to always dress up as a witch for trick or treat when the kids were little and I refuse to say how long ago that was. LOL! I love witch costumes! That burn on your foot looks pretty darn wicked too.