Sunday, February 14, 2016

Be Mine

 I finished my sweet February block before the end of the month. Yay. Me.

I really only had the arrow and the small pink hearts to do but finishing anything around here is a huge victory.

 Since I am off to a competition today I made The Mister a cake from a mix to celebrate on Thursday. Any excuse to use my new Kitchen Aid.

I made several decent cards from my self made kit but I never sent them to anyone.

I did have lots of fun making them and learned a lot of while doing it.

The Mister even made one for his mom with a handmade envelope.

He brought me home some flowers today and there better be some candy hidden away somewhere to go with them.

 I did make some Valentine's Day soap.

I bought some fancy heart molds a while ago but really only made a test run with them.
I never really made any to give away.  Oh, well. I'll be ready for next year.

Happy Valentine's Day!
What would you rather-candy or flowers?


  1. Beautiful cards and soap!

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm......I guess flowers, preferably LIVE flowers instead of cut. I can't HAVE candy --- so the flowers will have to do. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Diamonds.....oh wait......that wasn't one of the choices. LOL. I guess then I'd say flowers since I lose all control with candy.

  3. Love your soap!! so pretty... Hmm, can I have both - just one flower - like a carnation - and then a candy bar too!!

    Linda in VA

  4. Oh Candy any day ! Love your heart soaps! I want that cake looks awesome

  5. Love those red heart soaps! Great work on the heart finish. You are reminding me I need to get out some needlework, too.

  6. What an awesome assortment of Valentine's Day love! A sense of completion for your February/Cross stitch calendar and I love the beautiful homemade festive soaps and the cake! But how awesome is it you got around to making those lovely Valentine's Day??