Saturday, February 20, 2016

More Klutzing

 First it was slamming my thumb in the car door. That was a six month ordeal I would rather forget.

Then I drop a pot of boiling water on my foot a week before a big skating competition.

I haven't said anything because I felt like such a big idiot but on Monday I fell down the stairs. I had been out shoveling the back deck in my Crocs. When I came back in, I tried to get down the front steps and out the front door without much success. I went slip sliding down on the icy bottoms of my Crocs and did a belly flop on the landing.

 I almost went through the glass door head first. The Mister was on the other side of it and I got an earful for scaring him to death. At first I thought I was okay but the next day and for the rest of the week I could hardly move. Every inch of me felt like I had taken a good beating.

I still feel pretty awful but I've got too much to do to feel sorry for myself any longer. The third place finish for one of our teams last week put a bee in Daughter's bonnet to make some changes which always makes lots of work for me. The next competition is in two weeks. Yippee.....and pass the Tylenol. I the only klutz out there? When was the last time you did yourself some major bodily harm?


  1. Oh no!!!! That looks like a long ways to fall! Yikes! I had an incident involving me, my horse, and a bear one time that left me with a dislocated finger. LOL

  2. My injuries center around my fingers. Two years ago, I machine stitched through the end of my right middle finger. Two months later, my left middle finger got clipped during alpaca shearing. And last year, I sliced off the end of my right ring finger with a mandolin. None required stitches, but I vowed to be more mindful of my hands. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I'm so sorry! We just don't roll as easily as we used to! Easy projects sound like the way to go! Knitting is good! lol
    I fell a lot with the MS at first but I learned to slow down! It helps! Maybe you need to slow down a bit, too.

  4. Oh my gosh! You have been through a lot lately! During my bout with Lyme's disease several years ago, I was so weak, that I fell down our stairs - backwards - from top to bottom. I was bruised for weeks! Scared my husband too!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Linda in VA

  5. Ouch. Hugs to you first off. I twisted something hiking inLebanon hills Minnesota even using poles. Fireman said, Watch it here, slippery and in the next instant I was like a cartoon character trying to stay up. My hip hurts....

  6. Take it from Queen Klutz here (seriously, I can fall off bare feet on flat ground)... take the time you need to heal... especially after a fall down the stairs. You're sore for a reason- it's your body's way of making you slow down!

  7. Oh my gosh .......hope you are feeling better SOON!

    It wasn't *major* damage, but I did a full body face plant in a restaurant parking lot on Christmas Eve. I broke my big toe, but even worse ......I really damaged my ego!!! I felt like such an *old* lady. :::sigh:::

    P.S. I have new blogs. Hope you will stop by for a visit when you feel better.

  8. The other day I was walking around the barnyard watching my sheep (who are quite a bit shorter than me, so I was looking down...) and I walked straight into the cut end of a hacked off tree branch. One inch lower and it would have taken my eye out. As it was, I've got a big bruise on my forehead that looks like somebody hit me with a baseball bat. Felt like it too. Very embarrassing. :)

  9. Ok, this means you are doing too much and need a break. It's time for some serious "me" time. Take care!

  10. Oh man, I'm so sorry you fell, but I'm glad you didn't do any further damage and I get to take the Mr.'s side on this one. Don't scare us!!

    I like to walk into things and I like to fall down. My son has not let me live down the day I tripped at the mall by the Target "ON YOUR OWN FEET MOM!". Which was both painful and embarrassing. I went down hard on my knees, black and blue and utterly sore for 2 weeks on the knee caps.