Friday, February 19, 2016

Slipping Away

During my clear out of the sewing room/yarn room/soap room I found a very vintage project I've been meaning to pick up again. I started it in 2010.

 I love working on this mosaic/slip stitch throw but I had to put it in time out until I could decide on the colors for the next border. That was a year ago on the 14th. Yikes.

In my defense, it's not easy putting anything with purples and the rule is I can only work from my late aunt's Red Heart Super Saver stash.

 Burgundy and white won the race. They were the lesser of many evils in that big tub of cheapo acrylic I inherited.

It took me quite a while to remember what was going on with this thing. There is a lot of math involved in centering the pattern and picking up the stitches you need to form the borders but the process came back to me, thank goodness. I really want to finish this homage to my crafty aunt who made all this fun possible and I'm hoping this is the last of the borders. We'll see.
What was the last thing you made out of someone else's yarn?


  1. I inherited my Mom's craft stuff and finished an afghan she had started.
    I love that blanket.

  2. I'm so glad you pulled this out for working on! It is a gorgeous blanket; nice to see you can pick up and continue it!

  3. I finished my aunt's bedspread using her stash of Coates and Clarks thread. I still have an afghan in Ripple Crochet. Alas, there will be no one to finish mine!

  4. That throw is so intricate. Do you leave a little slip of paper in your project with the date that reminds you the last time you touched it? Geez. For my stuff if someone asked how long my banana leaf has been lounging in a pile of project bags and random balls of yarn, I'd say, "hella long." and that would be that!

    I think it's a fun challenge and lovely pattern you've given yourself to using the left over yarn. I have a feeling I'll need to do a scrap project at the end of this year to make some space.

    Last project made with someone else's yarn, I think charity throws or maybe a scarf.

  5. I love this project! I'm a sucker for blankets.

    Hmm...when I first started knitting, a lot of my yarn was donated from other knitters, so many of my first projects were knitted with yarn from others.

    I made a few small stuffed keepsakes from mom's first spinning attempts (mostly to make her feel better about her crazy "art yarn").

    I do have several HUGE crocheted squares tucked away. They were made by a great aunt. My grandma gave them to me after my great aunts funeral. I've always wanted to sew them together, then add an edging to them to make a blanket.... just have to polish my crochet skills.

  6. I admire how you can pick up something intricate that you left for awhile. Last time I knit with someone else's yarn: cotton I think. neighbor was getting rid of it in her move