Sunday, February 21, 2016

Thinking Spring

 It may have been blustery and cold outside last week but inside it smelled like spring. Right before my ugly tumble, I was on a soap making binge.

 Meet Spring Rain. Have I told you how much I love my new wood soap mold? Well I do. I really, really do. The soap just pops right out with nice clean edges. The only problem is that is makes twice as much soap as my small molds and as I've mentioned, I already have way too much soap.

This is the two latest batches in my small molds taking their turn under the warming dome. Brrrr....they barely made it past 100 degrees while saponifying in this giant icebox of a house during the last visit of that blankety blank polar vortex. We are having a gorgeous weekend so happily it's a distant memory and I hope it stays that way.

 Mmmm....Pink Honeysuckle with buttermilk.

Mmmmm.....True Lilac with aloe butter.
What smells like spring to you?


  1. mulch. I love the sour smell of it.
    Lilac bushes when you walk by in May
    Humidity of any kind...we are so dry all winter.!

  2. Kathy beat me to it: Lilac bushes say spring to me. Unfortunately, we have quite a wait for spring here!

  3. They all sound like spring. I think what amazes me is how much they look like a beautiful, tasty pound cake. LOL I'm guessing they wouldn't TASTE so good as pound cake.

  4. Beautiful batches this time, too!
    I miss the lilacs of Spring...they just don't grow here in FL!

  5. Love your soaps. The smell of fresh, clean rain makes me think of spring.

  6. So, so pretty! I can practically smell them. Spring: and rain and cucumbers, cause it smells ... green.