Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Signs of Life

Look what I woke up to yesterday. They were calling for a dusting and this is what happened. Now all that snow is covered in ice. It's been fun. Sigh....

Before the snow I had noticed some interesting things going on in spite of the intense cold and grabbed the camera.

Hidden behind that snow shovel (that is now back in use) was a surprise. Crocus.

Upon further exploration I found more.

 There were tulips....

 ...along with some Daffodils.

 And....whatever these crazy things are. I picked up these plants at the MDSW one year and I swear they are an alien species. They bloom (if you can call those blooms) all year long no matter the weather.

 Even the camellias are starting to bloom. I bet they look pretty in the snow but I'm not going out to find out.

 The surest sign that spring is on the way here is a big pot of matzo ball soup bubbling on the stove....

...and that the winter port has given way to Manischewitz. L'Chayim!

Any signs of spring in your neck of the woods?


  1. Well my camellias never stopped blooming. Does that count? God I love it here!! :-D We have no snow and it's going to be close to 70 by the weekend!!

  2. Whoa, that's quite a dusting! My sister says her Spring flowers are poking through, too.
    We are all ready for Spring!

  3. Your mystery plant is a hellebore, one of my favorites as they do bloom for so long just fading out. They come in different colors and are best in shade ( at least here in CT). Your camellia is beautiful. Will you have rain today to wash away your snow?

    1. The rain came and washed it all away. Now it's a soggy, foggy mess.

  4. Oh my .....that "dust" is pretty thick.

    I think we are into spring. I saw a pink tabebuia tree out in full bloom yesterday. It was BEAUTIFUL and a sure sign spring is here.

  5. I am soooooooooo jealous of all your green. Even if it is buried under a layer of snow. We won't see anything like that for at least two months.

  6. Our spring bulbs have been peeking through the snows too. They're so confused. Most of the snow has melted today.

  7. Well, we have no signs of spring, but also very little new snow. So funny that the Mid-Atlantic is getting more snow than the upper Midwest. Actually, it's more scary than funny.

  8. So pretty the bits of green spring poking out of the ground. I like the stems of the crocus, they look so uniform. I am always a sucker for Camelias ...