Thursday, February 18, 2016

Drumroll Please.....

I was more than surprised to find so many of you entered my little giveaway. I took all the lovely comments and gave them a number in order of time received, put the number of comments in a random number generator and came up with the winner........
As soon as you PM me on Ravelry with your mailing address, I'll have your package of goodies on the way.

 Now, if you didn't win but would still like to try some of my handmade soaps or lotion bars you still can. PM me your address on Ravelry and I'll send things off in a little surprise package of samples to those on the list as soon as I have things ready next month. Even those of you who have some, chuck the old stuff and line up for some fresh bars. Please.....

 I've got lots and lots and lots of soap curing and would love to find it a home so I can make more. It's a ridiculously addicting enterprise as you can see.

 If you decide to get started down this path yourself, don't say I didn't warn you. I think it's a cult.

 I cure everything for six long weeks and then test it four different ways for safety including plenty of scrubbing time with me and The Mister before I give it away.

Having said that, some ingredients might not work for you so if you have allergies or sensitivities let me know.

I make two kinds of soap. The creamy soap is made of a base of food grade oils (olive, coconut, palm, canola) that I keep for the most part in the kitchen. I also add a dash or two of fancy things like silk and aloe that I get from an online soap supplier. I always include any unusual ingredients on the label so you'll know what you are getting into.

I also make a glycerin soap that is made from a detergent free commercial base. This is a mild, clean rinsing soap that I prefer for my face. The color comes from natural micas and the scents are always at the lowest end of the usage scale and phthalate free.

I have as much fun wrapping and gifting the soaps and lotions as I do making it so let's keep this giveaway going. Head over to Ravelry (I'm araignee) and get in line for your surprise package from The Tangled Web. I've got some amazing spring soaps that will be ready in soon. I'll tell you all about some of them on Sunday.


  1. What an incredible array of soap! You have become a soap aficionado! Just beautiful.

  2. She will send you some.Ask me how I know. And it's just as wonderful as it looks! Congratulations to the winner!

  3. Hooray for the winner!!!!!!! You are a generous one and the soaps are so wonderful to look at and to smell!

  4. you need to put a warning on these - they look good enough to eat - but don't please - LOL! Love them!!

    Linda in VA

  5. Oh my golly gosh .......they are ALL so pretty!

    Congrats to the winner! I know she will love her winnings!

  6. I love the winner's handle, "herbanknitter", ha! Congratulations to them I love your soap. love them. Fabulous as they are pretty!

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  8. DD and I are about to follow you down this rabbit hole. Himself has asked that we wait til it's warmer. We're gathering supplies. Well see how it goes.

    1. The menfolk are good for mixing the lye. It scares me to death. I do it but it gives me the willies every time. When he's here I get The Mister to do it for me. He thinks its cool.

  9. Congrats to the winner! I know she will LOVE them!