Sunday, August 26, 2012

Surprise, Surprise

I didn't give up on my doubleweave quest. In fact, I made another ridiculously large sample. I couldn't help it. I really, really like the whole 2 heddle-pick up stick thing. This time I used a more forgiving weft and for weeks now I have sat happily at the loom and just hoped for the best.

I could have gone on forever but when I ran out of warp, I had to cut the thing off. At this point I almost didn't care anymore if it worked. I was just enjoying the process.

Low and behold, much to my surprise-it worked.

Here is the center line and the only thing you can see is the fold which I am pretty sure will block out. There are some silly boo boos sprinkled throughout but they have nothing to do with the while doubleweaving thing. I just missed a warp here and there and I am pretty sure I read somewhere that you can fix those after the fact. At least I hope so.

Now comes the scary part. I am going to try and do this again, only this time it will be for real and it will also be bigger-the entire loom width bigger which I hope will give me a 40 by 40 inch baby blanket.

The new yarn has a lot going on so I am hoping no one will be paying too much attention to the quality of the weave. I really should start out by making a sample first but I'm afraid once I get started I won't stop again and I would really like this done by Christmas.

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