Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Instrument of Torture Part 3

The same night I threw a giant hissy fit over my lack of good loom sense, I was crazy enough to warp it again.

I removed the double heddle contraption and put on a 12.5 reed so I could warp some 8/4 carpet yarn.

I am going to use the scratchy Romney X I have been spinning as weft for a rug. At least that was my plan.

 It is fun to weave with my own wonky handspun and see the color and textures change but this thing is too thin to be a rug and too itchy to be anything else. It remains to be seen what it will be. For now I am just going to ignore the fact that this may be yet another giant fail because I am happy to just be weaving again.


  1. But it looks so good! Could it become a purse/satchel? or a pillow top? Can you felt a woven piece to make it sturdier? There must be something it can be used for.

    1. It ended up being a rug. It is thin and rather flimsy but it does look pretty on the floor so it is a "decorative" rug-until the cats discover it. Then it will be a mess. Post to come....