Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Everything I Know I Learned From My Kids

August is a big birthday month around here. Birthdays used to mean cake, ice cream and piles of presents but nowadays it means quiet contemplation of days gone by.
Empty nest are, well...empty.

Today is Son Number Two's birthday. By day he is a hot shot lawyer, but in his free time he is a mad genius with a paintbrush. How he ended up in law school instead of art school is still a mystery to me. If I had half of his talent I would be...well, I would probably still be me but I would certainly have better looking stuff hanging on my walls.

Tomorrow is Daughter's birthday. By day she is a hot shot figure figure skating coach and by night (they do work some crazy hours) she is also a hot shot figure skating coach. Here is proof of how good she is. Anyone who can convince me to do this has got to be a miracle worker-on ice.
Happy birthday kids. I can't imagine how boring my life would have been without you two!

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  1. Happy B-day to both kids!
    I see the kids are just as busy and creative as their mom.