Thursday, August 16, 2012

Honey, I Shrunk the Sheep

The white plate underneath the Sheep Heid is the plate that I had originally used to block it. You can see that with just a gentle extra swishing in some soapy water that the hat shrunk considerably without losing its knitted quality.

 Not only is the fit better but the whole thing has more body. It stands up like a tam should, so that the little sheep run around your head without being pulled or squished out of shape.

During the felting process, I completely forgot about all those ends that needed to be woven in. When I turned the hat inside out to deal with them, I discovered they had felted into a mass that had to be cut apart. After snipping them I realized they weren't going anywhere so I just gave the hat an inside out Mohawk and called it a day. I braided the longest ends so now my sheep have their very own little pigtail.


  1. glad the felting worked out! It looks amazing!

  2. fabulous hat looks wonderful on you.

  3. I've missed your blog since we moved from MD but guess what...hubs got a job in Baltimore so now we'll be moving back! lol! I LOVE this hat!!! I think it is perfect. Now I want one, too. =)