Monday, August 6, 2012

One More Try

After what I did to my first ever Loop Bullseye Bump, it took some nerve to buy another. It also took luck. They sell out in minutes over on Etsy and I was lucky to even get one. Meet Nature Lover. I was looking for some redemption and I hope this will be it.

November Night: Merino, Corriedale and Angelina
The first Bullseye Bump got rushed through during the Tour de Fleece so getting a decent chain ply out of those lumpy singles was a challenge. The singles were drifting apart in some areas and like giant caterpillars in other places. Nearing the end, while trying to stuff 4.4 ounces of plied yarn on one bobbin, I actually popped the bobbin off the wheel. It took me at least a half an hour to get it back on so that the yarn was going in the right direction. I never want to do that again. I took the skein and gave it the thwacking of its life just to make myself feel better. What this handful of crazy stuff will become no one knows but I do know the next bump will get more respect than this one got.

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