Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Daddio Update Part 1

So what's the old man been up to these days? If you thought he might be taking the summer off, think again. He has been as busy as ever.

He's been turning Batik charm squares into Double Wedding Rings-all paper pieced by hand.

We finished his version of the Serendipity quilt a few weeks ago.

He has filled a bucket with paper pieced Christmas themed shapes that will be made into table runners.

He has cut a box full of jelly roll sized scrap strips and we have been sewing them together.

 We were hoping for 1600 inches of strips. Today we measured them and we have 2200 inches. Now we start sewing the giant roll in half and then in half again and so on until you get a quilt top-or something like that. This is a bit of an experiment.

Another experiment was to use up his scraps in these blocks that were also made by sewing strips together and then cutting them. He just loves cutting strips so I am always looking for new ways to put them together for him. This adds two more to the ever growing pile of quilt tops that need quilting. I am tempted to haul him and them down to the senior center to see if we get any takers-for him and/or the quilts.


  1. I bet several ladies would be only too happy to pick a man that came with several quilt tops. When I got my hubby, he came with a Ford truck and many bad habits!!
    Lovely quilt tops as always.