Friday, August 31, 2012

Dumb and Dumber

Daddio isn't the only one with quilts to finish. I have this one waiting for it's batting and backing also.

I didn't have enough of one color for a back so I made a plan to piece together some leftovers.

I had been cutting out the 10 1/2 inch squares whenever I had a free minute.

 After one particular cutting session, I realized something was wrong-very wrong.

The batch I had just cut were way too small. How did that happen? Simpleton that I am. I had been reading the cutting board marks backwards. I had cut them at 10 1/2 but I had been measuring from the wrong side of the board. You don't get dumber than this. It gets even worse because now I have no more of the material and neither does Connecting Threads. So it is back to the drawing board with some new material-once it gets here. It's always something.

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